Fixed wireless broadband connection provides high speed Internet access without cable or phone-line connections. Uninterrupted data is securely transmitted via wireless equipments.

All you need to have an Elite Broadband internet connection is a photocoopy of a valid document and passport sized photographs. Fill in the forms of terms & conditions and signed it away.

Elite Broadband uses latest Wireless nad optical fibre technology to reach your building to provide internet services. We will install a CPE on your rooftop / balcony and your home or office will be connected via Ethernet cable.

After quotaion approval, our installation team will be at your doorstep within 24 hours so that you can enjoy limitless internet experience.


You can check your bandwidth usage by logging into your Customer account with username & password given to you.

You can view your data usage for various time period from your customer account. In order to generate the report and automatically get it via E-mail, you have to subscribe for the same by contacting us..

Knowing your bandwidth usage will make you aware of your average daily network usage. A single day usage spikes is not typically a cause for concern. However, if you notice that your bandwidth usage increases significantly and remains at a high level for several days, we recommend you to change your router password or contact us immediately. This could be tied to a number of issues, such as :

--A virus or spyware on one of your connected devices.

--Someone near your home using your wireless connection without your knowledge.

--A technical glitch.


Many factors can impact a no Internet scenario – computer settings, routers, antivirus software or hardware issues. 

1.If there are multiple devices and only one device is offline, the issue is likely due to the device. If turning the device off and then powering it back on does not resolve the issue the device manufacturer should be contacted to resolve the issue. 

2.Restart the router. 

--Unplug power cable from rear side of router. 

--Leave it unplugged for about 15 seconds. 

--Plug the power cable back in to the router. 

--Once power is restored, allow 2 to 3 minutes for router to come back online and then test the connection by attempting to access a public website..

This error means that the browser cannot find the page on the Internet. This is caused by either not having access to the Internet or by incorrectly typing the web address.

If you are sure that you have typed the web address correctly, restart the router.

If you still get the error message, please contact our Technical Support Team.

If your router light is off, that means there is no power going to your router. Check all the cables on the back of your modem.

Make sure they are plugged in tightly, and make sure the power adapter is plugged into the power plug.

If the light is still off, try plugging the modem into a different power plug.

If you still do not have power to your router, please contact our Technical Support Team via phone for further assistance.